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Sales conditions

Price of the services:

The prices are calculated on the basis of the information supplied by the customer principal by taking into account services to be made, of the nature, the weight and the volume of the goods to be transported.

Terms of payment:

The services are payable Cash in reception of invoice without discount, instead of their broadcast.

When payment times will have been granted, on no account the payment time can be upper to the deadline planned in the article L.441-6 of the Commercial law which specifies that " for the road transport of goods, the rent of vehicles with or without driver, the commission of transport, the agreed payment times can overtake on no account 30 days as from the date of broadcast of the invoice ".

Obligations of the customer :

The goods must be conditioned, packed and labelled. The responsibility of TRANSPORT 2000 would not know how to be engaged for the consequences resulting from an absence, from an incapacity or from an imperfection of the conditioning, from the packaging, from the marking or from the labeling of the goods. In case of loss, of averages or the other damage undergone by the goods, or in case of delay, the addressee has to proceed to the observations, take the legal reserves towards the carrier.

Responsabilities :

In case the appropriate responsibility of TRANSPORT 2000 would be engaged, for some cause and whatever title it is, she is strictly limited for the losses or the damage to the goods and for all the consequences which can result from it:
  • In 23 € by kilo with a 750-€ maximum by parcel for the sendings lower than 3 tons.
  • In 14 € by raw kilo with a 2300-€ maximum multiplied by the brutto weight of the sending expressed in tons for the 3 ton sendings and more.

For other damage, the responsibility of TRANSPORT 2000 is limited to the price of the transport, the object of the contract. For the international traffic our responsibility is limited to 8,33 DTS by kilo of brutto, missing or damaged weights. If the value of the goods is superior to the limits of responsibility above, on order of the principal, TRANSPORT 2000 can sign an insurance AD VALOREM according to the risks and the values to be assured, for an additional charge.

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